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A Vampire Diaries community dedicated to rare ships
Welcome to tvd_rareships, a Vampire Diaries community celebrating underrepresented pairings. If you ships hardly ever written you're in the right place. :)



1) Slash, het, femmeslash, from Gen to NC-17 and beyond, from sweet hand-holding to hardcore kinky porn, everything is very much welcome as long as properly warned for.

2) This isn't just a fic community, fanvids/manips/icons/etc. are much encouraged as well.

3) The LJ cut is your friend, use it.

4) Use tags. I have over 200 pairing tags, if you need any tag not on the list, drop me a line, I'll add it.


6) Crossovers are allowed.

7) This is a community for rare pairings, keep that in mind when posting. For example, it's perfectly fine for Stefan/Elena to feature in a story that primarily focuses on Katherine/Caroline but this is not the right place for fics focusing on regularly written pairings, there are enough communities for that.


It's not very easy to define what classifies as a rare pairing, though. Some ships it's easy to define as common, like Stefan/Elena and Damon/Elena, or even Stefan/Damon. But ships like Caroline/Tyler, or Stefan/Caroline are more problematic, as they are being written more and more, because of certain developments in S2.

The keyword is VARIETY. Since it's so hard to decide what qualifies as a rare pairing it's probably going to take a lot for me to ban a certain pairing completely but the point is to try out new things because there are so many awesome possibilities.


If you want regular challenges join vd_land, a Vampire Diaries centered land-type community also run by me. :)