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Weekend Comment Fic Party


It's weekend again, that means Weekend Comment Fic Party time. Sadly, I wasn't at home most of the weekend so I couldn't fill any of the prompts but I'm happy so many of you were writing fics. Everybody who participated, don't hesitate to post the links to your stories in separate entries in the community, so maybe those members who weren't paying attention to the comment fic thread can read them too. :)

Rules are the same as always. Even though the community's main objective is to support rare pairings the comment fic is a free for all zone, any pairing is welcome. Prompts should be of the following format: character or pairing, prompt.  You may leave any number of requests in the comments and you don't have to write fic to request one. If some of your prompts were left unanswered last time feel free to repost them if you want.

Though the name says this is for the weekend, you may come back to this at any time in the future if those lazy bunnies need fodder.  :)
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